The art of Demand Marketing: Sell what your Consumers want, Not what you think they want.

The best marketers never let their feelings and emotions get the better of them. They look do their market research, understand the odds, work hard at it and do back-testing to justify the results. Here’s the art of demand marketing.

This is true to some of the businesses we work with. If something doesn’t work out, its out behind the barn and shot.

Don’t get confuse with your passion. Having passion helps fuel your drive and its what we look for in our entrepreneurs. However, the best marketers do understand that not every drive results in positive results. You need to apply efforts into the correct direction.

How to sell what your consumers want?

  1. Market Research – Do a search of relatable products in the market. Is it selling good? What is the response? How are the reviews and is there an indication of more supply required?
  2. Pricing in your competition – Before you start, understand that your competitors are going to rip you on the profits. If you can’t compete on the price, you ain’t gonna get competitive.
  3. Put yourself into the shoes of the consumers – Often times, we overlook the importance of putting ourselves into the shoes of the consumer. What will trigger a purchase? Is there any? If you were the consumer, what would you be looking out for? Would you buy the item? Why and why not?

How to justify the results?

How do you know if what you’ve been struggling with is making sense?

  1. Work out the data – Are your customers converting? Are people seeing your products but aren’t moving on through to the purchase stages? Finding out the issue will allow you to improve your online sales and help propel growth.
  2. The Margins:
    • The Gross Margin – See what your Gross Margins are? What’s the cost of direct cost of your products? Your services?
    • The Net Margins – Find out your Net Margins – Does it justify your effort? work? Is the time dedication worth it?

The Multiplier Effect

If the ROI returns +ve, you’ve got it in the right direction. Then its time to kick in the multiplier effect where you take it to the next stage. By applying what works in the local context, move on to expanding your operations into multiple localities or allowing others to boost your exposure.

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